NAND flash contract prices to rise through 1H25, says Silicon Motion

Contract market prices for NAND flash memory will rise another 20% in the second quarter, according to Wallace Kou, president and CEO of memory device controller IC supplier Silicon Motion Technology. This upward trend is expected to persist throughout the first half of 2025.

Crucial T705 Gen5 SSD with and without heatsink

Hold on tight — the Crucial® T705 Gen5 NVMe® SSD is taking Gen5 performance to the next level. Fuel your gaming, create at the speed of ideas, and power through AI applications with ease with this fully optimized Gen5 masterpiece that works with your motherboard1 heatsink.

Intel announces new roadmap at IFS Direct Connect 2024: New 14A node

Intel unveiled a new roadmap that includes a new 14A node, the industry’s first to use High-NA EUV, here at its Intel Foundry Services (IFS) Direct Connect 2024 event. IFS also added new extensions to its existing lineup of process nodes and announced that it is now producing wafers of its Clearwater Forest processors on its 18A node.

AMD’s looming Ryzen APUs show big 30% boost over prior-gen models

Three of AMD's upcoming Ryzen 8000G APUs, which will vie for a spot on the list of best CPUs, have already been tested in Passmark, and the results show that these new chips are 30% faster than their 5000G predecessors. Arriving on January 31, Ryzen 8000G APUs will be the first new high-end models for the desktop AMD has delivered since 2021's Ryzen 5000G series.

Micron unveils LPCAMM2 – bringing LPDDR5X to smaller form factor

Micron has announced a lineup of the industry's first standard low-power compression attached memory modules (LPCAMM2), combining high performance, low power consumption, and relatively high capacity. The new memory sticks based on LPDDR5X memory are designed both for laptops and desktops and are set to co-exist with traditional SODIMMs for at least several years.

New attack SLAMs into existing and future AMD, Intel and Arm CPUs

A group of researchers at VUSec from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, specializing in system and network security, have discovered a new type of side-channel attack called SLAM (via Bleeping Computer). This attack can evade the security features of the latest-generation — and upcoming — CPUs by Intel, AMD, and Arm.

Western Digital to raise NAND flash prices by up to 55%

Western Digital has informed customers that prices for NAND flash memory may rise by up to 55% in the coming quarters, according to industry sources. NAND flash prices have been rising sharply in the second half of 2023, and the extent of increases in the fourth quarter has been much faster than expected.

Micron DDR5 Server DRAM 16Gb 5,600MT/s. Available now

Speed up next-generation application performance with Micron® DDR5 server DRAM: more than a generational jump in memory innovation. Reverse the trend of decreased bandwidth per core, feed rapidly growing processor core counts with memory bandwidth and density, plus enable nearly 2x the data rates1 of DDR4.

Intel Arrow Lake-H with 14 cores and integrated graphics revealed in database

A 14-core model of Intel's upcoming Arrow Lake-H CPU has been spotted by chip sleuth @harukaze5719, from a customs and shipping database. The CPU, which is presumably for higher-end laptops, also contains an integrated GPU that's presumably based on Arc Alchemist, just like in Meteor Lake.

Micron Plans HBM4E in 2028, 256GB DDR5-12800 RAM Sticks in 2026.

Micron on Thursday introduced its new 128GB DDR5-8000 RDIMM memory modules based on monolithic 32Gb DRAM ICs aimed at servers and shared its vision for future high-performance and high-capacity memory technologies set to arrive over the next five years.

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